1. PhD positions. Domestic PhD students (Australian citizen or PR). Your tuition fees are covered by government grants. If you have an undergraduate degree with the first class honours or a master degree with a good grade, you will have a good chance to receive Australian government research training program scholarships to cover your living costs (A$35950/year at the University of Sydney for up to 3.5 years, tax-free). You can also take up additional teaching assistant jobs in our school to earn extra incomes. Scholarship top-ups are available for students with excellent research performance during the PhD period.  Please apply from here.

2. PhD positions. International students can apply Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship (A$35950/y at the University of Sydney for up to 3.5 years). I will be pleased to support your application if we have common research interests.​ Note: These scholarships are very competitive. If you want to become successful in your application, you are expected to have excellent GPA from a top university. Research experience and a first-authored publication on a SCI journal can give you some advantages. I can help to assess your chances if you send me your CV. If you don’t receive my reply, most likely your chance of getting a scholarship at USYD is low. Additional teaching assistant jobs and scholarship top-ups are also available for PhD students.

3. Our group accepts self-financed research students (both master and Ph.D.) from time to time. You must commit to research full time during your study period and complete your degree timely. Please contact me for details.​ 

4. Postdoc positions. You can apply a postdoctoral fellowship from USYD (usually deadline is in Oct) or ARC early career award . I will be pleased to work together with you to help you build your academic career.