Carbon nanomaterials have many potential applications due to their extraordinary electronic, thermal, and mechanical properties. These properties rely on their unique nanoscale structures.

Advanced carbon research lab led by Prof. Yuan Chen at the University of Sydney focuses on developing scalable processes to synthesize carbon nanomaterials with well-defined atomic structures, assemble nanoscale carbon nanomaterials into functional macroscale structures, and use these novel materials for sustainable energy and environmental applications.

Latest news

2021-06-14 Dr. Asif Mahmood’s work “Foldable and scrollable graphene paper with tuned interlayer spacing as high areal capacity anodes for sodium-ion batteries” has been accepted by Energy Storage Materials.
2021-06-08 Yuan Chen gave an invited talk at the 21th International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes and Low-Dimensional Materials.
2021-05-13 Zixun Yu’s work “High-performance Fe-N-C electrocatalysts with a “chain mail” protective shield” has been accepted by Nano Materials Science.
2021-05-07 Yuan Chen gave an invited talk at Global renewable energy researchers meet organised by Energy Oceania.
2021-04-23 Ziwen Yuan’s review article “Carbon composite membranes for thermal-driven membrane processes” has been accepted by Carbon.

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