Carbon nanomaterials have many potential applications due to their extraordinary electronic, thermal, and mechanical properties. These properties rely on their unique nanoscale structures.

Advanced carbon research lab led by Prof. Yuan Chen at the University of Sydney focuses on developing scalable processes to synthesize carbon nanomaterials with well-defined atomic structures, assemble nanoscale carbon nanomaterials into functional macroscale structures, and use these novel materials for sustainable energy and environmental applications.

Latest news

2023-01-18 Dr. Xiao Sui’s review article “2D material membrane fabrication: progress and challenges” has been accepted by Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering.
2023-01-09 Jing Li’s paper “Stable Zn electrodes enabled by ultra-thin Zn phosphate protective layer” has been accepted by Journal of Materials Chemistry A.
2023-01-03 Yuan Chen was interviewed by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) to provide comments on electric vehicles. Article and Video
2023-01-02 Yuan Chen was awarded a “Fellow” by the Engineered Science Society from Engineered Science Publisher LLC.
2022-12-21 Our application for the Provost’s 2023 Capital Equipment and Contingency Fund to set up a microwave-assisted nanomaterial and catalyst synthesis platform is successful.
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