Carbon nanomaterials have many potential applications due to their extraordinary electronic, thermal, and mechanical properties. These properties rely on their unique nanoscale structures.

Advanced carbon research lab led by Prof. Yuan Chen at the University of Sydney focuses on developing scalable processes to synthesize carbon nanomaterials with well-defined atomic structures, assemble nanoscale carbon nanomaterials into functional macroscale structures, and use these novel materials for sustainable energy and environmental applications.

Latest news

2022-11-24 Our application of the ARC discovery project “Degradation of atomically dispersed M-N-C carbon catalysts in acidic media” has been funded.
2022-11-23 Dr. Chang Liu’s work “Heterogeneous molecular Co-N-C catalysts for efficient electrochemical H2O2 synthesis” has been accepted by Energy & Environmental Science.
2022-11-16 We have joined a team led by Prof Christ Ling to successfully secure an Equipment grant “Comprehensive and Versatile In-house X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Facility” from Australian Research Council.
2022-11-15 Yuan Chen attended Annual General Meeting and official launch of ARC Research Hub for Safe and Reliable Energy and gave a research talk.
2022-11-10 Our collaborative work, “Multifunctional hierarchical graphene-carbon fiber hybrid aerogels for strain sensing and energy storage”, has been accepted by Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials.
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