Carbon nanomaterials have many potential applications due to their extraordinary electronic, thermal, and mechanical properties. These properties rely on their unique nanoscale structures.

Advanced carbon research lab led by Prof. Yuan Chen at the University of Sydney focuses on developing scalable processes to synthesize carbon nanomaterials with well-defined atomic structures, assemble nanoscale carbon nanomaterials into functional macroscale structures, and use these novel materials for sustainable energy and environmental applications.

Latest news

2021-09-23 Yuan Chen gave a talk on lithiutm extraction at Sustainable Water Environment and Energy Technology workshop hosted by Qatar University.
2021-09-14 Zixun Yu and Dr. Li Wei’s work “Interfacial engineering of heterogeneous molecular electrocatalysts using ionic liquids towards efficient hydrogen peroxide production” has been accepted by Chinese Journal of Catalysis.
2021-08-16 Dr. Shenlong Zhao received ARC DECRA Fellowship.
2021-08-11 Dr. Li Wei received ARC Future Fellowship.
2021-07-30 Dr. Xiao Sui received a special mention in recognition of an outstanding Ph.D. thesis in carbon material science and technology by the Carbon Journal.
2021-07-01 Leo Lai joins our our research team as a new PhD student.

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